Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The Tigerblood cordial is the brainchild of both myself and my love, Sir Loy. With all the hullabaloo over Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood comments, we decided that for our one year anniversary, we would make a Tigerblood cordial!

I come from Bakersfield, California, where the summers are so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. There also seem to be as many shaved ice huts as Starbucks, and we all enjoyed tigerblood snow cones every summer!  A bit of googling and we procured ourselves some of the coveted tigerblood syrup!

breakfast of champions

We made sure to get the syrup made with real sugar, so it would make a better cordial that would mellow out nicely with time. The alcohol we used was a cheap store brand vodka, filtered thrice through a regular Brita filter.  Filtering cheap vodka takes away that cheap vodka taste.

we need a potions lab

After some taste testing, we decided that a 1:2 ratio of syrup to vodka would taste best without being too thick. I mixed up a batch et voila!

We wouldn't be done with that though, would we? The bottles need labels! After a few sketches and a trip through Photoshop, I ended up with this awesome woodcut-inspired label (which I absolutely LOVE). 

 Loy ordered some label paper off of the internet, and here's our finished product!

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