Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The Tigerblood cordial is the brainchild of both myself and my love, Sir Loy. With all the hullabaloo over Charlie Sheen and his tiger blood comments, we decided that for our one year anniversary, we would make a Tigerblood cordial!

Honey Badger Madness

honey badger don't care
My friends have recently become a tad obsessed with the honey badger, because of a certain (nsfw) video. After lots of emailing it was decided we needed a honey badger banner for this year's La Prova Dura, because that event is all about the pageantry and another banner never hurt, eh?

Norse Hangarok (apron dress)

photo courtesy of James & Ronda
I've made a few of these now, and this is by far my best one. These are easy to make and so comfortable to wear, I don't think I'll ever wear a tight bodice again! (okay... lies... I'll totally wear a bodice again if it does the right things to my shape) Anyway, this particular version of a hangarok comes from Duchess Kara's own pattern, and I highly recommend it!

Princess of the Mists Haversack

Last fall I was asked to take over a little project, and this was the outcome

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Tattoo Haversack

The idea for this project came from a trip to Stone Mountain in Berkeley, as well as my history in and around tattoo shops. I found this wonderful cotton print made to look like old Sailor Jerry-esque tattoos, and knew I had to have it. Of course it isn't very period for the SCA, but it's just a haversack (a Viking messenger bag/ purse) and I wanted to show off my skills!

A short history, and mission statement of sorts...

I have been an artist as long as I can remember. I've always been creating, and learning new ways to create. When I found the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in 2008,  I fell in love with the myriad ways to fulfill my need to keep my hands busy, and the chance to always be learning something new.

Now I am an apprentice, and feel the need to keep track of this amazing journey. Hopefully this blog will allow me to not only have a record of the many things I do, but also connect with other artisans out there.